The L.A.C.E. Institute is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization designed specifically to support the development and life-matriculation of young girls.

The mission of the Institute is to provide young girls with Life Currency, the tools that will help mold them into leaders, inventors, philosophers, and academicians.

The Institute enrolls students who are bright, curious, motivated, and show strong academic and personal promise. The successful student embraces our progressive curriculum and thrives on the connections made between experiential learning and the world.  The Institute prepares students to be progressive independent thinkers.  Institute students gain a strong sense of self and purpose, and graduates continue on to become leaders in their respective fields.

As an institution and as individuals, we value courage, commitment, strong character, integrity, and servanthood. We are committed to positive thinking, ingenuity, and forward movement.

Our instruction will operate to distinguish Institute students from their peers and provide them with a significant advantage in employment and social fronts.  It is our hope that the confidence our girls exude, will breed confidence in others and encourage them to follow the paths our students lay.  We further hope to create permanent systemic changes in our students' communities through student instruction, parental cooperation, and community involvement. 

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Etiquette (sometimes called Manners) addresses the customs or rules governing behavior that is considered correct and acceptable in most aspects of life.  classroom, highway, restaurants, theatre, workplace, portable phone use, worship.  Many of these rules are unwritten, customary, and sometimes common sense. Mastering rules of etiquette will give them confidence and self esteem.

Our instructors cover topics such as:
Table manners
Personal Grooming
Manners in public places
Portable phone use
Conducting yourself with grace and elegance
Thank you notes
Giving and Receiving Compliments


Invest in the future!

"When you educate a girl you educate the
next generation!" - J. Wood